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ODNR Grant Funds Recycling and Anti-Litter Signs

October 13, 2011

Visitors to Edgewater Park will now find it easier than ever to recycle now that FOESP is providing and maintaining four new, blue recycling bins in key areas of the park. Previously the only recycling option was the City recycling dumpster that usually sits in one of the lower level parking lots. Now there are bins convenient to heavily trafficked picnic areas and the fishing pier. FOESP volunteers transfer the recycling from the small bins to the city recycling dumpster several times a week.

“We think it is important to provide recycling in the park because it promotes a sense of environmental stewardship that hopefully encourages people to appreciate and help care for the park in additional ways” said Mandy Metcalf, FOESP President. “It also provides a positive image of Cleveland for park visitors.”

An anti-litter grant from the Ohio Department ofNatural Resources paid for the bins. The grant funding and the recycling bins are part of a larger strategy to reduce littering in the park. The other grant-funded components include new anti-litter signs, strategically placed ash cans for cigarette butts, and promotional activities that included radio spots on 106.5 the Lake and distribution of personal portable ash trays. FOESP applied for the grant in partnership with Drink Water Drink Tap / Sustainable Water 2019 and Euclid State Park Adopt-A-Beach, with support from the Cleveland Lakefront State Parks. The Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District served as the fiscal agent for the grant.

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