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A Message From Outgoing Board President Mandy Metcalf

January 26, 2014

My involvement with the Friends of Edgewater has been an amazing experience, including four years as Board President. As the year ends I’ll be stepping off the board in order to pursue other commitments. I want to thank you all for your support of the Friends and our important work to help Edgewater Park. We’re at an interesting moment in the history of our organization. The work the Cleveland Metroparks has done since acquiring the Lakefront Reservation has been simply stellar. Many of the functions that the Friends have provided over the years to the State Park – beach cleaning, recycling, maintenance around exercise stations, landscaping improvements, maintenance of the historic stable building – to name a few – are now being provided entirely or to a much greater extent by the Cleveland Metroparks.   Together with our partners Euclid Adopt a Beach, The Alliance for the Great Lakes, and Drink Local Drink Tap, we’ve launched our Urban Beach Ambassador Program and turned it over to the Metroparks to manage. The nature of our voice of advocacy for funds and services for the park has also changed. Our advocacy role moving forward should be to work with Metroparks to help ensure that those of us who care about the park have a voice in the plans that they will be developing for the future. We have the opportunity to redirect our energies to promote the park as a regional gem through events that draw people to the park, such as the Music in the Park series we’ve hosted the last two years. We also have a new opportunity to work on fundraising and other collaborations with the newly formed Cleveland Lakefront Parks Conservancy.
Our organization has historically been a small, active board supported by a wide membership. As we move forward, the success of our grassroots, non-profit group will depend on better mobilization of our members. It’s a great time to get involved with Friends of Edgewater and help shape the future of our organization, whether you’d like to serve on the board, organize or help out at events, or reach out to new and existing members – let us know how you’d like to help at or on our facebook page: What do you imagine the Friends of Edgewater can accomplish? If it is important to you to be a part of a membership-based group that supports, promotes, and provides input on the future of Edgewater Park, please plan to join us at our Annual Meeting which will be held early next year.
Happy Holidays, Mandy Metcalf

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